Most unmotivated person??

I may just be the most unmotivated person on the planet. I can’t bring myself to do anything in the way of work. Just the thought…

I have told myself I’m going to be productive and this and that and the next but I never quite manage it which is infuriating because I know the work needs done. I leave everything to the very last minute and then I wonder why I feel like I’m not coping.

Revision for school is something that brings me a huge amount of problems. Not only do I simply not want to but I find it so boring and difficult. I don’t think I really know how to revise and get results because I just feel like I’m not even learning anything.

Today I’m struggling with staying motivated and revising properly, What’s your struggle today? Feel free to share your advice and what works for you.

~I want to do it all. I also want to do absolutely nothing.

Love, Carly X



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