Absolutely yes, yet absolutely no.

Pressure is piled on top of people in whatever it is they do. At school, at work, at home.

School used to be something I adored. It was one of the places on this planet that I loved to be. Learning was my favourite thing to do. It is no longer any of those things.

Exams and the pressure put onto 14-18 year olds in their exam years is unbelievable. Yet, adults think teenagers have it easy. Teachers forget you have a list of other subjects and your sole focus can’t just be on theirs. They forget that your entire life doesn’t revolve around school. They forget that all the work that they pile on top of us greatly impacts our mental health. For the many students that care, this is too much.

Though if you’ve read my previous post you will know that revision isn’t my strong suit and I’m struggling with motivation so really I’m not doing all that much.

So am I overworked? No probably not.  Do I have too much pressure put on me? Yes. Absolutely.

~Breathe. For the storm will pass and the sun shall rise again.

Love, Carly X

via Daily Prompt: Overworked


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