January is such a bland month.

Everyone is doing the new year, new me thing that lasts all of two weeks. People are being the most fake versions of themselves and then you hit the midway point. That my friends, brings me to January 2.0

You’re absolutely done with January by this stage. Like seriously, January 2.0 is such a filler month. Some people don’t even make it past week 1 before they crash and burn, arriving promptly at January 2.0

I really hate January.

Seriously. January? Christmas is over. New year has been and gone. After the joy of December, January is such a let down. I’m not going to speak to the majority of my family for the next 11 months, let alone actually see them. Worst of all, back to work.

There is nothing that filled me with more dread than going back to school last week. Can we all take a minute to just say “ugh”

I don’t know what your opinions on January are, maybe you love it. Maybe you make your resolutions and stick to them. Maybe you’re just like me. Do let me know 🙂

~ January, please go as fast as you came. I’ll see you again in 2018.

Love, Carly X



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