Revision Struggles

Well my revision totally went to plan….not. Awww I’m a little upset by this, I had plans this morning and as I’m writing this it’s coming up to 8:30pm and I’ve not really achieved much today.

I’m gutted now but I know it’s my own fault, I’d rather do anything else. I feel like I’m the only person struggling with this seen as the majority of my friends started their revision weeks ago. I keep having to remind myself that I’m not alone and that I will be fine. It’s the one subject that I struggle with that puts me off altogether. I just can’t face opening my books.

Anyone who’s reading this and has gone through this or is going through this, help a girl out please?

Much Love. Now Casualty has started so I have to go 😉

~Be stronger than your strongest excuse

Love, Carly X


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