Teaching standards are low.

I think that many people must think in this modern day and age that we are getting educated to the highest standards. We are not. It is said that technology improves our education. In my opinion, it does not. Some of my best teachers teach me the old-fashioned way with pen and paper and them writing on the whiteboard, talking everything through. I find no value in the iPads and Computers we have in our schools, though I should admit that I appreciate the projectors, especially when the teacher has poor handwriting. However the only benefit so much of the technology comes to is the computing science pupils and I am in fact one of them. So much of the technology in our computing lab goes unused. Which department gets all the funding you may ask? The Computing Science Department. Though of course I can’t talk for all schools.

Now, you should know, I’m all about saving the environment and what have you so I do understand why we wouldn’t want to use so much paper. I’m also about saving myself from leaving school with a poor education because my school employs teachers that can’t teach.  I’m taught by teachers that should teach different subjects. I should also explain that there is a massive difference between knowing your subject and being able to explain it to people who don’t. Many of my teachers know their subjects forwards and backwards, does that make them good at teaching it to me? No. It really doesn’t.

In the midst of all this all I hear is funding cuts, funding cuts, funding cuts.

We can’t afford the funding cuts. My education can’t afford the funding cuts. My teachers and their departments can’t afford the funding cuts. My teachers buy their own textbooks. We can’t even afford photocopying. My teachers can’t print my workbooks in colour because it costs too much. My education costs too much in a country where my education is free. Why is this such a massive issue is 2017?

I can’t even tell you how difficult it is to get through a school day. I start taking my mock exams on Monday. I have never been so stressed in my life. I have physical symptoms of said stress and so much comes from the fact that there are things I don’t understand and my teachers aren’t teaching me “properly.” Not the way I need to be taught and certainly not to the level I need to actually understand all the new concepts that get thrown at me every single day.

I don’t just take 1 subject. I’m taking exams in 6 subjects. 2 of these subjects have 2 exams. That’s 8 exams. On top of the compulsory subjects which frankly, I feel are a waste of my time. I am taking 8 exams in May. On top of my 8 Mock Exams. 16 exams. Don’t even get me started on the November testing. On top of the exams there is coursework and added value units. My teachers feel like they should put that on you right before mocks and they do it all at once.

To my teachers, I take other subjects, not just yours. I prioritise in order of mocks so I am so very sorry if I was too busy writing my 10th essay draft to do your textbook questions for homework which you asked for the next day. Give me a week. Do you know what? Don’t even give me a week. Give me 2-3 days. I’ll do it but I just don’t have time to do it all. Like forget about my life outside of school. I have no balance. Instead I have so much on my plate that I’m going to sleep so very late but getting up ridiculously early and then you wonder why I’m not concentrating as you rant to the class about how everyone is going to fail with their poor attitudes. Yet, I thank you. I know that you are doing all you can for me and I know you are just as stressed as I am and I know your job is difficult. I appreciate you, I truly do. Though I need you to understand that I can’t cope with all of the work, and my self-esteem is low. Please, all I ask is that you let me know that you have faith in me.

I am so very passionate about the quality of my education. It, after all, is MINE. Right now, I feel like my school, and my country’s education system is letting me down. It has taken my love of learning. It has taken so much of my confidence from me. It puts too much pressure on the youth of this world. I am not superwoman. In 2017, I need change.

~ Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world

Love, Carly X



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