Mocks. I’m ready for you.

This weekend has been an absolute blur.

Tomorrow is the first day of mocks woo yeah! (please note the sarcasm xo 😉 )

I’m quite calm in person though my subconscious mind seems to be very worried. The last few nights I’ve had dreams where something goes wrong and it panics my conscious mind a little. However, I do feel quite prepared. Like, my week is about to hit 5000 mph and it’s okay because I’ve got my helmet on. Does that make any sense?

I am confident that I know everything I need to know for my first 2 mocks and then I’m okay until we hit Thursday/Friday and I’m a bit like oh no. Thursday feels like it’s months away though, like those worries are not top priority, and yes I absolutely do have a priority list for worrying. Rule to go by: If it’s not number 1 or number 2 on the list you are NOT worrying about it.

I have multiple mental lists going on right now if I’m perfectly honest:

Worrying Priorities, Topics I need to revise, Teachers I need to contact, Revision To-Do, Life To-Do, I could go on…

It’s working out for me though, I feel some progress. Mocks, I’m ready for you.

Now to get back to it, poetry is fun! (It actually is though)

I’m hoping for a chance to relax this evening, make sure you do too!

~ Don’t Stress, Do your best, forget the rest!

Love, Carly X


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