First Mock, DONE.

My first mock is done. YAAAAASSSSSS 😀

I actually feel okay about it as well. I was so calm until about half an hour before I went to bed last night and going into the exam hall I was so scared, but it was okay. I finished the first part very fast and then took longer with the second part. I actually ended up writing more than planned to fill up the time which my teacher didn’t seem all that thrilled about. Probably because I was almost finished very early but I wrote more and I feel like I did well.  I can’t say that the lack of faith helped my confidence levels but you know *Thumbs Up*

I have another mock in the morning which isn’t filling me with too much joy but I’ll get through it and I’ll be okay. My teacher gave my class lots of advice for it so I should be okay though I do feel like this is one of my weaknesses.

No matter what I’ll be fine. Fail or pass it’s only a mock and it doesn’t mean anything.

~What are humans without failure?

Love, Carly X


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