Holidays and Mid-February Obsessions

It’s half term and I’m on holiday!

I’m so glad to get away from everything, even if all my school books came with me. It’s just nice to fly away and get a little lost sometimes.

The night before I left I bought a bath bomb and had a bath. The bomb I used was from lush and it’s part of the Valentine’s range, which would have put me off due to the fact I don’t really like Valentine’s Day but this one smells soooooooo good!

(Go buy it before they stop selling it!)

My new obsession is Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been binge-watching it, it’s up there with The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. For the lovelies reading this from the UK, you will find every season on the Sky Go app. I love it, but my friends say it will break you. (I’m not at the point yet so I can’t comment.)

I’m also back playing Sims 4 which is yet another weakness of mine. I love it. It’s so fab! The time just slips away when you’re playing so it’s perfect for relaxation (Even if the toddlers raise my blood pressure X1000 😉 )

Tell me your “Mid February Obsessions” I’d love to hear them!

~May the sun be bright and the stars shine

Love, Carly X





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