TO DO 1/3/17

It’s Mid-Way Wednesday!

I’m glad we’re half way done with this week. I have a massive to-do list and no motivation to accomplish anything. I don’t understand why though, I’m thinking that there is so much that there is too much? I don’t know where to start.

Saying that, the weekend doesn’t make my to-do list go away, it will still be there on Friday.

Spur of the moment idea: Write my to-do list here. (This was not my plan for this post, but I didn’t really have a plan in the first place)


  • Meeting Friday, 11:40
  • Fill in forms for meeting on Friday
  • Find data for Science Project, Deadline: Monday March 6th
  • Redraft Essay, Deadline: Monday March 6th *
  • Review feedback from Essay, then redraft.*
  • Write up interview response and write conclusions, Deadline: ASAP
  • Gather necessary information and then fill in order form, Deadline: ASAP
  • Answer questions from source book, Deadline: Tuesday March 7th
  • Finish Note-Taking, Deadline: Tuesday March 7th
  • Make poster layouts for work, Deadline: Saturday March 4th
  • Edit video for work, Deadline: Saturday March 4th
  • Tidy Room, ASAP…Tidy Space, Tidy Mind my loves 🙂

*These essays are different

This is all I can think of right now, although I am sure there is more on my non-school related to do list. My main goal for the weekend is to have a bath to be perfectly honest. I need one so bad, I feel so tense. If it turns out well and it’s colourful and everything I’ll attempt a blog post about it next week 🙂

~Write it all down to clear your mind. Then put you at the top of the list 🙂

Love, Carly X

P.S Maybe it’s time I took my own advice and put me at the top of my to-do list. Someday soon I will. Today won’t be that day 😦


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