Happy Friday!

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Friday!

Though we should embrace every day of the week Friday has to be one of my favourites. Purely because I get to come home and know that I don’t have anything that absolutely without a doubt has to be done by the next day. This takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders. I don’t feel so overwhelmed for a couple of days. So I will forever graciously say, “HELLO WEEKEND!”

This week has just been a bit rubbish. Everything has felt so long yet I’ve blinked and I’m another week closer to assignment deadlines *woo, fun times* (Please, I beg of you, note the sarcasm 😉 )

However, I did have some good moments. As always.

  • Volunteering on Tuesday night was so good
  • The bus on the way home on Thursday was so funny
  • I laughed until my stomach hurt on Tuesday morning when my friend made the best jokes about our English Teacher (They were nice and all in good humour 🙂 )
  • My cat gave me lots of cuddles on Tuesday night when I watched Holby City
  • It seems Tuesday was an all round good day *Thumbs up, woo!*

This is just to name a few. Have a lovely weekend, you deserve it!

~Amongst the bad, will forever be good

Love, Carly X


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