Positive VS Negative

A couple of days ago I wrote a really negative post about how stressed I was and some “high school drama.” I made the decision not to post it as soon as I had finished. It felt petty, and I wasn’t prepared to sink to that level.

So let me write something a little more…me!


I hope you’ve had the best day, I’ve spent the last couple of hours working. Which I hope will be worth it by the end of the month 😉

Tomorrow being Sunday means Chilled Day, In Bed Day because Pyjama days are the best kind of days. (Anyone disagreeing? Come on, don’t lie to yourself :D)

I really want you reading this to relax on your Sunday, or if you’re reading this on a Tuesday, take it easy tomorrow. As much as possible anyway, believe me when I say I know work is a thing. If any lucky ducks out there don’t have work mid-week, please I beg of you, tell me the secret to having that lifestyle. School is slowly killing me 😦 Not an enjoyable experience anymore, assignments assignments assignments. What an absolute waste of my time, ugh.

ANYWAY…Back to positive me.

Call the Midwife. Best TV Show ever. I absolutely love it, and I think I’m right in saying the season finale is tomorrow night. The seasons just are not long enough. I need more in my life. Also still loving the usuals.

Soon it will be Easter Break. Brain, my love, stay with me until then.

I’m really struggling with positive me vs negative me right now. I’m trying to keep a smile on my face but I’m so very stressed. Let me know how you deal with such situations.

Love, Carly X



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